Not sure what instruction means


I used to knit many years ago, but am pretty rusty. I picked up a Debbie Bliss book and am making a sweater for my grand-daughter. I was doing great until I hit this instruction, which is probably very straight-forward but I don’t want to mess up so… here’s the question:
The piece I’m knitting is a basic stocking stitch and I’ve just finished doing some shaping of the neck. I’m not sure what they mean on the 2nd line here:
Rep the last 2 rows until 24 sts remain, ending with a purl row (done)
[B]Work 17 rows straight [/B]
Does that mean “straight knitting?” or does that mean continue with the stocking stitch Or does that mean something else entirely. Really don’t want to mess this up. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi and welcome to Knitting Help. To work straight means to continue knitting as you have been but without increasing or decreasing. You’ll just work 17 rows in stockinette.

Thank you so much! I can continue on now. You are wonderful!