Not sure if this stitch in the pattern

I know how to make 5 stitches out of three but in () is this. Slip 5 stitches individual knitwise and pass them back to the left needle, knit them together as if through the back loop, leave the stitches on the left needle, make 1 yo and knit another through the same 5. I think I did it right but just want to make sure that I have the right idea

You followed the directions in parentheses? And did you end up with 3sts on the needle where there previously were 5? Does the result look like the pattern photo?
Can you give us just the name of the pattern or a link?

I know how to make 5 stitches out of three but what comes in the () is what I’m not sure of 100%

Very pretty. As long as your method works and you like the look of the results, use your method. You might try the method given in parentheses, just to see how it looks in comparison. It’s essentially knitting 5 together but before you slip the stitch off the needle, yarn over and knit again through the 5 sts. That’s making 3 sts out of 5.
See if this video for broomstick lace (see the 5 min point) helps. Presumably the part about the extra loops etc doesn’t apply to your pattern but the idea of knitting into the 5sts, doing a yo and reknitting into the same 5 once more may help.