Not sure if I like all the new "improvements" here

Boy, ya go away for awhile & just work & knit & work & knit, and then ya come back to visit & everything’s different!

Gonna take some getting used to…


Well, after we got used to it, it’s really nice :cheering:

I’m not feelin’ the love myself. Too much to sift through with the new forums, I’m too lazy! :roflhard:

i’m lovin it!

I’m on the fence still… :smiley:

I’m loving the changes. The mods set everything up in a more organized way and it’s much easier to find threads now.

I was getting frustrated with the general knitting section getting overrun with OT posts. OT posts are fun, they just needed their own folder.

And the new crochet folder is great! Crochet lovers can visit, and crochet haters can avoid it. Easy peasy.

Really, I think you’ll get used to this quickly. :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten quite used to it, except now I have to use my memory more for the threads I’m NOT following. In the old forum if you had read a thread it was permanently marked another colour (you know, like when you have used a hyperlink before, it goes from blue to purple for eternity) which made it easy for me to see which things I had already checked. This mostly applies to the Whatcha Knitting forum. Now I find I have to remember the names of the threads I’ve already checked or I keep going into the same ones over and over again each day.

But apart from that, I can barely remember the old forum now.

I am kinda on the fence too b/c some aspects like the more organized format I:inlove: . However, my only real complaint is that on the old forum you could “view your posts or view posts since you last visited.” I am like another poster… among all the boccoos of posters I often forget WHERE I posted my post:?? and I cant find it… I REALLY liked the view posts button b/c it was SOOO easy to find my posts…
Besides that: It’s all good with me. AND I DO like the OT, CROCHET forums… amy and sheldon are so great about being receptive to what the commmunity wants~!:aww:

[B]Aineepooh1[/B] - When I click on my name, i can view more posts by me… have you tried that approach to find the ones you’ve posted in

The links still change colors, from red to purple once you’ve read them. They turn red again if there are new posts in that thread that you haven’t read yet. You can click on the little red “[COLOR=Red]v[/COLOR]” just before the thread title to go [I]straight[/I] to the new posts. :slight_smile:

I love the new forum. There are A LOT more new toys and tricks to play with. Look around, be sure to check out the thread and forum tools, your user panel, and all the little images and buttons around the threads. You might be surprised at what all this new forum can do!

I hadn’t posted in forever and came back and it was different. But I love the changes. Amy is the bomb!:muah:

And Sheldon too… can’t forget The Sheldon! :heart:

Ah yes, sorry :notworthy: I need to get reacquainted with everyone!

I love the new forum! There are alot more bells and whistles to play around with, and I think that’s cool.

I agree… I have actually been kinda avoiding the boards because of this. Whenever I go into a section and see all those red links, I groan. TOO MUCH! I liked to know which ones I had been to before, and no I have no clue which ones I have been to or not, and which ones are new and which are old…

The organizing is ok. It’s just the link colours that are bothing me.

Oh well.