Not sure I understand the instructions

Hi their, I have been working on this dress I got the pattern of ravelry and I have been able to knit it up until this point. I am not sure I understand this part of the instructions so if anyone could help I greatly appreciate it.

On the next round *k54 sts, BO the next 42 sts, repeat from * once more. Remove all markers. Continue working on the front, while letting the back side rest for a while.

Sounds like you’re binding off for arm openings. Follow the directions as given, basically, k54 sts (the front), bind off the next 42 sts, k54sts (the back), bind off 42sts. Now you’re at the front sts and you’ll probably have directions to work back and forth on these 54sts instead of in the round as you have been. The sts for the back can sit unworked on the needle or you can move them to a stitch holder. What is the name of the pattern?

Thank you for your response Salmonmac. The name of the pattern is My little’s sisters dress by Tora Froseth.

Thanks for the pattern name. Yes, it’s as I posted. The back and front are worked separately and are later joined for the yoke. The style explains what I thought sounded like large armholes but now I see that it’s a loose fintting child’s dress. Very sweet pattern

Thank you again Salmonmac. I have one last question. When I again join in the round will the dress be longer on one side than the other?

The sides to the underarms will be the same length. Back and front will be the same length. For both the back and front, you work the 2 rows that are given 3 times total (6rows total). Then you join to knit in the round again.

Thank you Salmonmac. I may have additional questions once I get to that part of the instructions. I am currently finishing up the rounds prior to binding off and working in rows again.

Hi again Salmonmac. I am about to complete the last round before binding off but the problem I am having is that pattern says I should have 192 stiches but I won’t have them at the end of the round what can I do about this?

Actually I don’t see the 192sts. I’m not sure what size you’re making but I’d say that if you’re close to the correct number of sts, then that’s ok. A few sts more or less in this neckline aren’t going to make a difference. You may have missed some increases in one ore two rounds. If the length of the dress looks right and the necksize seems reasonable (not to tight or too loose) go ahead and bind off.

“With RS facing, join for knitting in the round, and CO 4
(3, 2, 3, 2) sts under each arm – 128 (136, 146, 152,
160) sts. Knit all rounds, increasing 2 sts in each side
every 7th round 9 (10, 10, 13, 14) times – 164 (176,
186, 204, 216) sts”

Thank you again Salmonmac. The 192 sts is from still working in the round before binding off.

As long as you’re close, it’ll be fine.

Hi Salmonmac, it seems I need your help again. So I just knitting 54 and BO 42 as it recalls on the instructions. The thing is that to me it seems like I may have not done this correctly. I knitted the 54 from where I joined in the round then I BO 42 and on the instructions it says to work the front but it doesn’t seem right because I am working what seems to be an underarm. Could you please take a look at the pattern and let me know if I am on the right track?

Thank you so kindly.

The 42 sts bound off probably do form the underarm/sleeve.

Sue, thank you for your response. So it does seem like I did this wrong because the front and the back are where I BO and the sides is where I have the 54 sts. Hope I am making sense.

Yeah, the 2 sets of 54 sts are the back and front, BO 42 to make the cap sleeves. Work on one set of 54 sts for the front, doing some more incs, then break the yarn and work on the 54 sts of the back.

Sue, not sure I understand. Are you saying I should increase the 42 sts to 54sts?

Sue, got it. I will have to undo the stitches.

Remember that you knit 54sts, bind off 42, knit the next 54 and bind off 42. So you end up with the two bound off sections for armholes and two sections of 54sts on the needles. After the second bind off your yarn should be in the correct place to start on the front 54sts.

Thank you Salmonman for for your response. I decided to undo my knitting and start all over. I have a question for the next time. Do I start Knitting the 54 sts from where I begin the round? I did this and it didn’t look right at all. I was not working the front nor the back I was working the sides. I hope I am making sense.

You shouldn’t have to take it all out, just a row or 2. When you get to this BO round, k54 sts, BO 42, k54, BO 42 and your yarn will be in the right place to knit over the 54 sts and that should be the front.