Not sure how to read this, my stitches will not come out?

[k10, yo, (sl2, k1, psso),k11] 6 times

No matter how many times I try this my stitches do not come out even. I am knitting in the round! AM I not reading this pattern right?

Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?
If you sl2, k1, [B]p2sso[/B], you’ decrease one stitch in each repeat. Does that make sense with the pattern? Should tere be decreases on this row?

I do not have a link, it’s from a knitting shop I frequent. I will go there tomorrow and ask! I am sure it’s a pattern mistake. A friend just stopped over and she took a look and it just won’t come out! I certainly appreciate your help, I’m sure I’ll have future questions! Happy Thanksgiving!

Good luck with it and a very happy Thanksgiving!