Not sure how to proceed

The instructions say to knit 94 of the 188 stitches, place marker, then start from beginning of row again. Do I cut the yarn, or slip the stitches and float the yarn? I have never seen this in a pattern before and am at a loss

Are you sure you aren’t just supposed to repeat the same pattern you knitted on the first 94 over the last 94 stitches? That’s exactly in the middle of a row. What are you knitting? Can you post a link to the pattern or a picture of the object?

the pattern is called “Lighter than air” in the January issue of Creative Knitting magazine. I checked the website for any errors, and there were none. but I quoted the pattern as it is printed.

I think it means repeat the sts from the beg of the row, not start knitting at the beginning of the row.

I’m guessing it just means to knit the same row again with the next set of stitches… because 94 x2 = 188

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Thank you for your help. I received a reply from the designer via Ravelry, and she confirmed what you all said, to start the pattern again, to designate front and back.