Not sure how to do this

So my boyfriend and I are going to visit his family this week to exchange Christmas presents and I’ve finished with all of them except the hat that I was supposed to be making for his dad. It’s just going to be a basic black hat but my boyfriend suggested I knit this logo onto it. I’ve never been very good with stranding or (forgive my mispelling) intarsia so any tips on how best to fit this logo onto the hat?

I don’t need to add the words, just the blocks of color.

The easiest way is to draw/trace this picture on a math paper(square paper). Either trace it and then color in with markers or put “R” for red, “w” for white and “b” for blue . Number the sides and put a stitch counter on your needles. Wrap the colored thread around each other as you change colors…
good luck!

You might want to change that logo a bit. Its a copyrighted logo and the car companies can be a bit of a stickler when someone infringes on them. Just trying to keep your financial interests safe.

If the paper idea seems too annoying(which it might be depending on what thread you use) you can always submit the image into a knitting chart generator like knitPro.If you really don’t want to do intarsia or anything like that, you can always duplicate stitch it on.

I don’t think they can do anything unless you’re making a profit off of it.[I]Then[/I] they could say you’re making money off their logo, pretending to [I]be[/I] them/tarnishing their good name or even preventing them from making their own profits.It’s a fairly basic geometric design.They’d have to be crazy to take that to court based on one gifted hat which excludes their company name.

Yeah, I wouldn’t worry about one hand knit hat with the logo. Unless you’re going to profit from them or make multiples to donate I don’t think it’s worth it to them to go after you.

Now the hat… I think I’d probably just do duplicate stitch on a plain black hat. It would be pretty quick and easy since you need to get it done.