Not sure how this happened

But I am knitting in the round (on double pointed needles) and the wrong side of the glove is facing me. I thought it looked odd, then I turned it the other side out, to find out that the right side is inside!
I don’t know how this happened, but I am afraid to turn it right side out and knit for fear it will mess up the pattern. I guess just keep going with it inside out? It is a pair of fingerless gloves that I am making.

Happens all the time. You can keep it the way it is, or flip it – if you get confused, you can always flip it again, after all. :slight_smile: The thing to remember is that the working bit of the knitting should always be right in front of you with the loop of the cable on the other side of the working needle points!

Yup, used to happen to me too. It won’t mess it up to flip it though.

Most of my knitting in the round is done that way, because I can’t get the hang of knitting with my needles pointing towards me.

FYI: I’ve heard it said that if you have a problem with your strands when working stranded knitting and you are working in the round it is a great idea to do this very thing. Work with the right side on the inside. Your floats or strands will be a wee bit looser this way.

Here’s another site in addition to the videos here that might help.

For many things it doesn’t matter though it might for some to know now to do it right side out.

Thank you for the replies! I think I will just keep going the way I am then, as it seems to be working okay. :knitting: