Not sure about yarn

Hi Everyone, I’m making a baby hat and I’m useing a superwash worsted weight wool. Is it o.k. to put a stripe in it using a worsted weight cotton? They are both washable so it seems it would work. But, maybe not. Thanks to all of you for being out there for me.

I am certainly no expert - but…I have tried two different afghans - in both cases the yarns were either both cotton or both wool. I got the same stitch and row gauge for both - so they should work - right? Wrong! My knitting started bunching and the piece would not even block to be straight. I cried, gave up, and learned a big lesson. Go get the same yarn and use it for the stripe as well. You will be much happier.

Could work. The wool and cotton may react a little differently to washing, but in something as small as a baby cap that shouldn’t make much of a difference.

Why not try a striped swatch and put it through a wash-dry cycle?

I think the problem would definitely be the washing. Cotton and wool react so differently. I think you should leave out the stripe.