Not staying on the right side while knitting..twists to wrong side


Why won’t my Knitting stay on the right side as i am holding it on the right side while knitting? It is twisting to wrong side named the ‘purl side’. I have never had a problem with the right or wrong side before i am on row 32 now of the animal. Is it twisting to the unwanted side because the item i am knitting is now bigger and changing its shape? How do i solve the problem. I know something is wrong because the pattern i am trying to make is showing on the wrong side. I am trying to knit one row and then purl the next row. Someone said attach a picture to see what i have done.


Do you mean those purl bumps that are showing near the needle? Have you just done an increase row where you knit front back (kfb) to increase your stitch count?
Your stocking stitch is looking lovely by the way :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes so what is the solution please


Nice observation! I would have missed it.

While there is nothing wrong with KFB (I have used it sometimes also), it is not the best increase for plain stockinette as it will always create a purl bump. In this case it is better to use some other methods for doing increases. If you want it as invisible as possible, I think the best option is M1L and M1R:

Another option is the Lifted/Raised increase. This one is goodif you are going to have matching decreases as it is slightly more visible and thus making the increase/decreases to match in appearance. Here is a link to the lifted increases:


As Engblom has shown using a m1, for stocking stitch I like to increase with m1 twisted, this link explains it clearer
Salmonmac also introduced me to KFSB( knit front slip the back) while this eliminates the purl bump effectively it can still be a visible increase with some yarns.
Hopefully you will find a solution that is more pleasing to you amongst these recommendations, but I honestly don’t think there’s anything wrong with your work as it is :grinning: