Not so Merry Widow shell question

I am working on the Embossed Leaf and Cable Merry Widow Shell (there is a picture of the garment there) from Knitting Lingerie Style and I am totally confused by the stitch directions for the “bends” in the mock cables. I am sure that part of my problem is that it is charted instead of written out.

So, here is the set up: Doing the 2 stitch wide mock cable on reverse stockinette. I am going to “bend” the cable to the left so the chart shows this stitch two stitches before the mock cable right twist stitches: “Lift stitch below stitch on left hand needle onto left hand needle, and knit it.” The next stitch box is blank (meaning purl according to the pattern). Then the right twist for the next two stitches. Then the next stitch is “Lift stitch two rows below stitch on right hand needle onto left hand needle and knit it.”

To sum up: the “bend” seems to be over 5 stitches and yet the next row I am back to the two knit stitches running up the front.

The stitches are mirrored for the right bend.

I must be missing dropping a stitch somewhere…

Please help!

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I’m sorry I don’t know the answer, but I’m sure someone will be able to help you.

I looked at your picture. Maybe someone has this book, I don’t, but usually these kind of little mock cables are done over 2 stitches as you have pointed out. I don’t know what the stuff just before and after would be. I don’t know why you would need to lift a stitch from the row, or two rows below to get the result pictured.

I don’t know if posting a bit of the chart would be a copy right violation, probably not if you just show the part in question. Could you take a picture of that part of the chart, and we need to see the explanation of the different symbols too, and post that so we can see what you are up against?

K are you wanting to know how to do the “twists” or how those cables (mock or otherwise) follow a sort of princess seam line?:think:
If it’s in the twisting, I checked out the pics in the pattern and I really don’t see where they travel over any distance because the shape is from increases/decreases between each cable. Hence the cable itself looks like it’s traveling when actually it’s not.

Sounds also more of a slip stitch type thing also. Where you are knitting an old stitch from a row or two below, thus elongating it.

Other than those observations, I don’t know what to tell ya hun as I don’t actually have the book in front of me.:think:

It’s okay. She’s already credited the book (if not the author) and she’s not representing the pattern as her own or trying to profit from it.

When you lift the stitch from below and knit it, it creates an increase, unless you knit it together with the stitch that’s on the needle. Your stitch count should tell you if you should work them separately or together.

When you lift the stitch from the right needle, you go down two rows because you’ve essentially knit the stitch for the current row on the right needle.

To lift the stitch is just that–hook your needle into it and put it on the tip and knit it like normal.

I had to do this for a zig-zag pattern, but I off-set the increases with decreases. The pattern does look like it gets wider, so I suspect that you’re making another stitch when you do this.

Thank you for your thoughtful replies. :smiley: I got closer to the book to read the “fine print” of the pattern and I didn’t get the stitches correct in my first post. I apologize.

I have taken Merigold’s advice and scanned in a corner of the pattern. This includes the stitch definitions and the “left bend.”

I really appreciate all of your efforts to help me. :slight_smile:

K, forgive me, but I am still confused as to what a “left bend” is.:think:
Is it the twisted stitches themselves or that the cable travels by moving one stitch over to the left on this side every few rows? :think:
It should be travelling to the right on the other side so that it’s mirrored. But that’s besides the point. :think:
Could you explain for us, hun, exactly what you think a “left bend” is?:think:
We might be able to help clarify better if we knew.

scmomof4, I can’t read your chart. It is not big or clear enough. I took it to my pictures where I could enlarge it, but it is so blurry I can’t read it. :frowning: Sorry.

AHA! :woot:

Thanks to all of you for pointing me in the right direction! Fibrenut’s comments regarding “stretching stitches” clicked for me and I got the pattern to work.

The “bends” are traveling to the left or right by moving a stitch from in front of or behind the mock cable ribs running up the front. Lifting the stitches from the row before “smooths” the bend out by "elongating the stitch"es.

Now that I “get it” the charted pattern still doesn’t seem right to me, but I am pleased with the overall appearance.

I have attached a scan of the center of my project so that you all can see the “bends” and the pattern.

Thanks for all your patience and expertise!