Not seeing any pictures

Every post tonight has a light gray box that says Attached Thumbnails. I can’t figure out how to see any of them.

Our Knitting Help IT (Sheldon) just recently (yesterday) upgraded our website to a new, zippier Server.

Here is a comment he shared with us Moderators yesterday:

[COLOR=Navy]"I’ve just thrown the switch and migrated KH over to a new server. The change probably won’t take effect immediately as these things usually take between 6 and 24 hours to fully take effect. But I just wanted to give you a heads up in case any problems arise.

[U]Avatars and uploaded files[/U] might be a little weird while the transition happens. I’ll be syncing those files manually between the two servers. So if a member finds their avatar or uploaded files missing just tell them to sit tight and they should re-appear within a day."
So, GrandmaLori, sit tight. The uploaded photo files will reappear soon! Thanks for your concern! I was stumbled, too, and I had read Sheldon’s message to all Moderators!

I looked into my personal FO’s…and all my photos are still visible, but I implant them into the message via Flickr. I don’t upload them using KH as the agent.

I was wondering about that too, thanks ArtLady!

I was wondering the same thing. Thanks Artlady! :slight_smile:

I see that this problem was a few days ago, but I’m still not seeing any of the thumbnails. Is the problem on my side or KH’s? Thanks -

Oh I see now, it’s just the pics that are uploaded to Knittinghelp that I can’t see… ok, that must be the problem, and not my PC…

I can see everybody’s pictures, but I cannot seem to post my own FO’s :pout:

I can’t see any pictures yet :frowning:

The attached pictures aren’t working for some reason. I’ve already notified Sheldon.