Not my FO, but have to share anyway

I’ve mentioned in a few threads that I recently taught a co-worker to knit. If you are on Ravelry, you should take a peek at this scarf she just finished:

This is only her second FO, and I just taught her the basics-cast on, knit, purl, bind off. She learned to do the increases and decreases for this scarf on her own (with help from the videos here, I might add). Now she is starting out with cables. I only taught her how to knit a month ago! Pretty soon, I’m going to be asking [I]her[/I] for help! :slight_smile:

Can you guess from this post how thrilled I am about this? I love having another knitter at work to hang out at lunch with. :cheering:

That scarf is way too cool. The yarn is amazing. You people are so lucky with your yarn variety, the choice here in NZ is very limited.

Wow, she did a great job!

Great scarf :thumbsup: You must be so proud of your protege! My friend turned me on to knitting and now the two of us are trying to convert the rest of our co-workers :wink:

WOW! She did an awesome job!!! I LOVE that pattern and have added it to my queue!

That looks great, love the yarn.

She did a fabulous job! Way to go, both of you. :slight_smile:

She is a natural at knitting ! Mybe it is because she learned from the best Marria:) Lovely Scarf!

:inlove: very pretty scarf!

The scarf is gorgeous. Added it to my queue. I also have co workers who I knit with and more and more are asking to learn.

:aww: Thanks!

I adore it. I wish I had the pattern. Dern.

Wow, the scarf is beautiful! She’s a natural. And you’ve given her a great gift.

The pattern is here. Ravelry also has it as a free PDF download.

@ Marria, u r a darling dear, gr8 job…kip it up …thnks for sharing

Great job!! How amazing that she has only been knitting a month~you must be an incredible teacher :slight_smile:

It’s beautiful! Looks like she’s a natural (with, of course, a great teacher ;))…I love the yarn too!