Not much knitting done

Aloha everyone;
I haven’t been doing any knitting lately. For one thing, its been too hot and muggy. And I’ve had too many orders for slipcovers. I can’t wait to get back into knitting again. I left off with my second kimono sweater. The first one I made turned out just perfect. I wore it when I went on my Tennessee trip to visit my dh brother-in-law. Well, my dh washed it for me[U] and [/U]threw it in the dryer. Yeh, it would fit my granddaughter if it weren’t so thick and stiff!LOL
Anyway, I started another one when I got back. I hope I remember what I was doing when I pick it back up again.
I just thought I’d drop a line or two because I received an email from the knittinghelp forum. Aloha, Kanoe

So sorry to hear about your sweater! But good for you for starting another!
I haven’t done any knitting lately either. I’m itching to get busy. Let’s send each other some positive knitting vibes! :knitting:

Thanks Kayeknit, yes positive knitting vibes to you for sure and to everyone not currently holding any knitting needles.
:muah: Knit on—Kanoe

Well, at least he tried. :out: