Not motivated to finish Mom's vest

Just wondering if any of you were ever really excited to start a project (duh) and then get about 5" into the back of the vest and realize that telling your Mom you’d make a vest for her out of patons sws with size 6 needles (6 sts to the inch) got you in way over your head? That’s where I am, been working on it for almost a year and I just keep finding other things to do besides that. For instance socks, baby blankets and other things. Any advice? My Grandma said I just need to work on just that, but then I told her that I’d love to but I think I would resent the darn vest terribly and I want knitting to be fun. Any ideas or suggestions?

I think we all get those projects that time forgot… I have 2 half-finished sweaters. I started a pair of socks for my mom a year ago, and they’re not done either. I feel guilty whenever I see them, or am knitting on something else.

I guess the way to go about it would be to divide the pattern into smaller chunks, and just set yourself to doing it a little at a time.

Or maybe this just isn’t the project for you… you can look for something else?

What if you pick one TV show a week and vow to work on the vest during that show? You’d get some done each week, and maybe watch the show at the same time would make it less boring, or at least you might feel less resentful? Or, maybe you could set a crazy goal and just jam that sucker out so you don’t have to think about it anymore?

I hate having things hanging over my head! (Yet, there they are, all the time!) I feel for you! Best of luck.

I once crocheted a gorgeous sweater for my mother… it had lots of different colors and patterns and it was just beautiful. On the woman in the pattern book, I mean. I made up the back and front and sleeves and then just could not stomach the insane number of yarn ends left over from all those color changes and this thing sat in pieces in my closet for years before I got rid of it.

Or how about setting a “number of rows” goal? Every time you pick up your knitting you have to do something like 6 rows on the vest before you can work on one of your other projects you are enjoying more…then the vest would slowly get done and the other projects would be a reward to motivate you to do your “row goal”…

Yea:tap:, just what’s up with those socks/wrist warmers?:lol:

Thanks everyone. I will probably try all the ideas. It’s now about 10" from the bottom end up towards the armholes and she wants it to be 16 before I begin the armhole shaping-sigh. but I’d rather do as she pleases and have her wear it out then make it and she not wear it-that’d make me upset. I’m using patons sws and thank God for the color changes every couple rows or I’d go nuts! The vest is all in st. st and has a garter border, if I were to do a cable on the front of it do you think that would look odd? If not which side would you reccomend the cable be on? She’s not a big or tiny girl, I’m making it for a 38" bust, but she’s only 5’4" so how big should the cable be? 6 or 8? I don’t know.