Not knitting, new kitty cat

Our old lab passed away at age 14 years. We went to the shelter and found a nice cat that had been there for short of 7 months.
We cannot seem to get a name for her …she is soft, fluffy, warm, purrs all the time, please suggestions wanted.

Give us a pic? (Mainly cuz I just want to see her. I miss my kitties!)

One of my fav names for a cat is the name my friend in Ireland gave her cat, Pus(h)kin.

What color is she? How about “Cotton”? I am thinking about adopting a kitty. I have had cats over the years. The last one 4 years ago-had to give her to a friend - during my last move. DH will doesn’t like the idea- but I feel like this is my “only live one lifetime” and I may want to include another furry friend. We have a lab. He is very gentle and well trained-not worried about him- would be more worried that the kitten/cat was not afraid of him. Would probably take “Joe” with us to meet the new kitty. It also takes me forever to name my pets. Always looking for that special different name.

Rumblebelly :slight_smile:

It’s the nickname i have for my son’s “zen kitty” that you can’t make mad and purrs so hard her whole body vibrates :slight_smile:

Oh :heart: :heart:

I love cat purrs! I want ours to purr so loud that the college kids across the street complain about the noise. The older our Buddy gets the louder he purrs. Pepper did the same. Am hoping that Ginger (see avatar) will do it, too.

As for a name for the new addition. I’d have to see a pic, too.

Cat purrs are wonderful, aren’t they? I gave both my cats people names (Betsy and Walter), which suit them. Of course, there’s TS Eliot’s advice that a cat must have 3 different names - Betsy’s are Elizabeth (her royal name), Betsy (her everyday name) and Princess (her “pet” name). Walter is Sir Walter, Walter, and alternates between Baby Kitty (he’s 10 now, but he’s the younger of my 2 cats) and Ferocious Hunter (he’s very good at killing string).

Congrats on your new addition! We have 2 kitties. One of them showed up as a kitten. Her name is Calypso, like the boat in Homer’s book “The Odyssey”. We call her Calli. She’s around 10 years old. Our other one decided when his people (who were our next door neighbors at the time) moved away, that he wanted to be our cat. They kept coming for him, but he kept coming back to us. We lost touch with them after Hurricane Katrina, so Louie is here to stay. He came with that name, but it suits him.

listening to cat purrs is actually good for you too… something to do with the pitch they hit actually STRENGTHENS bones. it also regulates your heartbeat and is comforting.

My oldest 2 kitties are mother hens… anytime one of us is sick they sleep curled up near our heads and purr into our ears all night.

W/o seeing her… Winnie the Pooh says he’s rumbly in his tumbly when he’s hungry… I think Rumbly or Rumblie would be cute! :yay:


I know I’m a guy but I like to knit. I would suggest North Star or North Knitter. Please post and pic and what you decide it’s name to be!:happydance: :happydance:


Welcome to KH, Johnny!

It’s good to know that your home is safe from the evil, dangerous string. :thumbsup: I’m sure that knitting is a bit challenging at times.

Will try to send pic…so far we were say Elizabeth Taylor {lizzie} for short. I don’t have her red color on that has a circle of diamonds…we didn’t tell her that they are fake diamonds…lol…

[B]new kitty cat from Humane society…Yes, I can knit and she will sit and watch with loud purrs, and snores on and off. [/B]

I found a stray that purred really loud all the time, so we named him Purrkins.

Awww cute kitty! We used to have a black kitty named, Sierra. I love kitty purrs!


Or Duchess after the momma kitty in “The Aristocats” :slight_smile:

She’s beautiful! :heart: She makes me think of pearls. A pearl necklace with her black dress.

Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in her black dress in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.