Not-knitting - Frustration

Just a quick vent! We moved about a week ago. Had to move in with my Mom temporarily as our lease on our house was up and my hubby got laid off. I was very careful to keep my knitting things accessible, as I was beginning to get on a roll just before moving. Well, since we’ve been there I haven’t knit ONE darn thing! Not a single stitch!! It’s driving me mad lol!

It’s just so hard not being in my own place, to sit and knit. Mom’s house is really no conducive for it. We pretty much hang out in the (small) kitchen. Her living room is formal (there is no TV) and a total mess right now (she is doing a major clutter de-stash of the house). There is no chair in our bedroom, and the mattress on the bed is so soft, you sink right in - very hard to sit on!

I am at the very end of finishing a pair of fingerless mitts and want to get them done. I WANNA KNIT! :waah:

Thanks for letting me vent!

Can you sit outside an knit? Or figure out a way to make your project more portable.

I usually keep my WIP in a small tote bag. The one that I got when I subscribed to Self Magazine is perfect for this. It is just big enough to fit my options case with all my needles and notions. Two 50oz balls of yarn, and it has a front pocket where I keep post-its and a golf pencil, and an inside pocket where I keep a tape measure, needle gauge and scraps of waste yarn if needed. I also have a small snack size ziplock back where I keep my stitch markers.

I have another large bag where I keep the rest of the yarn that I need for my WIP, this one stays in my bedroom on top of my knitting trunk. Because the bag is small and has only my necessities I really don’t need a lot of space when I knit. I can even knit and stand because I have my working yarn in the bag and I can drape the bag over my arm.

Before I leave to go anywhere I make sure I have just the bare minimum, maybe add another ball of yarn if I see I am getting low. Doing it this way allows me to knit just about anywhere, and to knit on the go. Often times I will sit or stand outside while my kids play, and when it is time to come inside I don’t even have to put my project down.

I’d clear myself a seat in that messy formal living room and quite happily knit by myself. The quiet and solitude may be a pleasant change.

Good Luck-

Hi there. Do you have an ipod or a portable radio? I would curl up in the formal living room by myself and lose myself in my knitting! I take my knitting everywhere with me. My mom’s house is always full of clutter and I just move it over. Moms always seem to understand. Another option is to maybe sit on the floor of the bedroom with your back against the wall for support. Seems I have never outgrew sitting on the floor and I’m 43. :knitting: Another option would be to see if there is a lys nearby. They usually have a place to sit and knit. Good luck with everything and I hope my rambling has helped!:wink:

You need to carve out some time for yourself to just relax and knit. It’s for your own sanity. Surely there must be a comfortable chair somewhere in the house?

Even the local library should have a nice quiet little nook with some comfy chairs to get away by yourself. And what’s wrong with pulling it out to work on at the kitchen table while chatting with the others?

That must be frustrating. I know the feeling. It was driving me crazy.

Firstly my sympathies - wanting to knit but not being able is like a scratch you just can’t quite reach. I would agree with the suggestions about the front room and moving/clearing the clutter,or maybe in the parked car? In a coffee shop over 1 coffee?

May be you could offer to knit something for your Mom, to say thank you for taking you in at this difficult time, and then when she has chosen something, explain you need some where to it and knit!

Good luck, Irishmam

what about barnes and noble or borders? so long as you buy even a drink you can sit there and knit away happily and they can’t/won’t say crap… my knitting group meets at B&N… had one person complain once only to be told that since we each bought something at the cafe, we have just as much right to sit there and consume the items we bought while we knitted as anyone else who sits there reading their books… we’re not loud or obnoxious, we just take up 2 tables total (there’s about a dozen total that show up between knitters and their spouses).

If i were in your position, i’d look for a knitting group in the area and then i’d be able to have one night for ME without anyone else around that i’d get out of the house and do something I enjoy…

Jan - yes, you hit the nail on the head - THAT is my problem! I guess I feel guilty not sitting in the kitchen and chatting with Mom and my hubby. I was able to do that before the move because after dinner we’d sit on the couch and watch TV and I would just pull my knitting out (didn’t really care what hubby thought lol)

Jim is going away this weekend and Mom and I are going to attack some trouble spots in the house. Maybe once that is done, and I get my stash organized in a way I like, I’ll just say to heck with all of you - I’m gonna knit, like it or not! :wink:

Yes, I need to research that!!