Not knitting a purse - knitting related

I have a beautiful aran sweater from Ireland. It’s gorgeous…but the designer, for whatever reason, decided to add a turtle neck to the design. In moss stitch, so it’s oddly firm and bulky, and has no drape or willingness to fold. I love this sweater dearly (I found it 3 years ago in a thrift shop), but never wear it in public due to the aforesaid turtleneck issue.

So yesterday, I felted the darn thing.:teehee:

I am going to make a purse out of it, somehow. It took about 11 cycles of the washing machine and two in the dryer to felt it completely (it IS an off white sweater), and it’s about 60% smaller now than it was. But I love the way the cables look felted. I am going to work on it today. Worse comes to worse, it will be a clutch, but I am hoping for a smallish tote.

Ooo, I want to see pictures when you’re finished!

I would love to see pictures also. I have heard of doing this before, going to cheap store and buying a wool sweater. then felting them into purse. I would love to see how yours turns out.

I’ve thought of doing that! Let us know how it works out!

I washed by mistake a wool sweater I’d made years ago - I plan to turn it into a purse, too.

Yep, there is a lady who does this and embellishes them and then turns around and sells them for big bucks:teehee: The cheapest one–a small purse sells for around $80 and a large bag is around $125. They are super cute though and I really want one, bcs I can’t sew a lick!:aww: