Not knitted, but I've got a really cute FO!

on another message board that I frequent, a member posted a link to THIS crochet pattern. It worked up REALLY quickly (i started it this morning and finished it this morning…LOL), and mr. piggy is SOOOO CUTE!. You can see mine on my BLOG. :happydance:

aww thats adorable goes well with the fish! Does DD love the piggy?

That’s so adorable!

Aw now I want to make one :frowning:


Too cute :thumbsup:

I just love love love the pig !!!

Wish I could crochet !!! :inlove:

How precious! Makes me want to go “Oink Oink!” :smiley:

Oh my word!!! I HAVE to make this. I have the yarn and everything. My mom collects pigs.

That pig is so cute! So is the fish! So snuggly!

Adorable–and the kids are SO CUTE!! :inlove: