Not just Wool allergy?

I remember a while back I made a post saying that I’m allergic to wool and someone recommended that I try alpaca.

Well, I gave it a try. I got a small skein of alpaca through KP and made a little swatch to see how it went with my skin.

The first 3-4 rows went well, and then I noticed that my fingers felt a bit swollen. One row later I was getting itchy and my eyes were beginning to water.

So it seems that it’s not only wool I’m allergic to, but animal fibers in general? :pout: :pout:

That’s to bad. I know how it feels. I’m terribly allergic to wool. I’m still hoping I can stand the other animal fibers, but I haven’t tried it yet (I’m a bit afraid for it) :hug: :hug: :hug: for you, hope your fingers feel better soon

This won’t help your fingers, but i’ve heard of people who get itchy eyes from alpaca. they say to put it in the freezer until you’re ready to knit with it. Haven’t ever tried it, but I thought i’d pass it along.

That’s too bad! There are lots of other great yarns out there you can use instead though! :hug:

That is so true. I can even knit socks, so don’t feel to bad about it. You can always knit with cotton, acrylic (or other synthetics),linnen, bamboo or silk (I’ve knitted with a silk-blend an totally loved it)(now I’m surly forgetting some yarns)

You may have to resign yourself to knitting with synthetics and plant based fibers, some of which are quite good from what I have recently seen.

^^ The idea of yummy yarns does appeal to me. Now I just need to find a good enough job that I can buy it hehehehe.

Lieke, the socks you knit are great. I’m the Diana that posted in your blog :teehee: Thanks for the pattern!!
I want to learn sock knitting someday and toe socks as well as tabi are definitely in my list.

I knit with a charity knitting group
and one of the ladies is VERY allergic to any and all animal fibers (except rabbit/angora) as well as anything with rubber
I could not enjoy knitting AS MUCH if I was allergic like that
but there are a LOT of fibers that are not animal based
I have even seen a new “Gel Yarn” that is a solid plastic string


Thanks for visiting my blog. And thanks for the compliment. As you can see, you can knit everything when you have woolallergy. :hug: