Not in the mood to knit/crochet :(

I just found out I’m pregnant about to weeks ago and I am just NOT in the mood to knit or crochet. I’ve got a few wips that need finishing up and i just dont even feel like looking at them. 1 is a sweater for me that just needs the sleeves and anther is a sweater for my daughter that also just needs the sleeves. i used to knit/crochet everyday until about a week or so ago. is it just me?? i really hope i dont stay like this throughout my pregnancy cuz i do wanna make tons of stuff for the baby :slight_smile:

That happens. Sounds like it’s just time to take a break. You’ll get the bug again soon.

I wouldn’t force myself to knit if I didn’t feel like it. Knitting is meant to be enjoyed, not a chore.

I go through periods like this. I’m not pregnant but I still have times when I just don’t feel like it. It always comes back. Just don’t force yourself, let it come back on it’s own. And congratulations on your pregnancy!

Congrats on the pregnancy! How lovely for you!

Don’t worry about not feeling like knitting. It will come back probably around the nesting phase. Then you will want to knit, clean and organize like mad.

This will pass - everyone has a phase like that.

Take good care of yourself and your new little bundle.

Best wishes,

Congratulations! :yay:

When I first became pregnant this time, I didn’t want to do ANYTHING, including all of the things that I love to do. :pout:

It will pass for you too and you’ll be back itching to knit in no time! :knitting:

Congrats on the pregnancy, and, it’s totally normal. When I was pregnant with my kids, I didn’t want to do anything but sleep during the first trimester.

And, though I’m not pregnant, I get in funks where I don’t feel like knitting. I have a habit of burning myself out on my hobbies. I get in the mood to do something so I go full force, like non-stop for a few weeks then get so burned out on it I won’t do it again for like a month or two. That’s probably why I have so many hobbies, when I get burned out on one, I have many more to fall back on :teehee:

Yep, I go through periods of not wanting to knit or crochet. Sometimes it seems like a such chore to do it. I know then that its time to put it all aside and do something else. Or sometime, NOTHING ELSE. Sometimes I just need time to veg-out. Then after a couple weeks or months, I get the “fever” again and want to knit/crochet ALL THE TIME.
BTW Congratulations:hug:

Gee, I am certainly not pregnant but have been experiencing the don’t wanna knit for about one month now. I guess I sort of ‘burned’ myself out by going whole hog for almost one year. I hope the urge returns as I have quite a lot of ufo’s and a nice stash waiting. I suppose we, or at least me, needs to learn how to pace oneself.

Baby stealing Mom’s knitting mojo is a very common pregnany symptom - expecially in the first trimester. I barley knit at all during mine, but experienced a gradual return of interest during the second trimester and now that I am entering the third am pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy interest level.

Every pregnancy is different, of course, but there is a good chance that as you get further along your desire to knit will return as well.