Not Hot Yarn?

I feel kind of silly even asking this question… But is there any yarn that wouldn’t be hot?

I get bad heat rash on my arms and also rashes from various other things and would like to create some “sleeves” of a sort to hide it, but I need some sort of yarn that won’t irritate it further.

I created just a little wrist band to go under my watch and it helps a little bit but it’s still so hot!

Oh, I’m in N Alabama, and things are not looking good right now for heat relief save never leaving the house. :frowning: Running around naked won’t even help in this heat.

Cottons work well for softness and breathe-ability, which is what you need, though cotton yarns can be heavy. A light cotton/acrylic blend might suit your needs. Your best bet, since your skin is sensitive, is to visit your LYS or Hobby Lobby or something and test the yarn on your arms to see if it feels irritating.

:heart: :heart: Hugs!

I’d start out looking at cotton yarns.

Cottons would be my first thought too… :thinking:

Linen is also nice and cool.

Cotton or bamboo - bamboo is so super super soft and wicks away moisture.

Ahhhh, yes…bamboo gets my vote, too! Soysilk is another good one, and the perennial fave…cotton :smiley: