Not Happy With New Yarn

I bought some Moda Dea yarn from a sales circular sent to me by Herschner’s. I decided to buy it (at less than $2 USD a skein) because of the raves I’ve seen for their yarn here and other places. Now, my unhappiness comes from the fact that everything Moda Dea publishes about the color of the Sassy Stripes I bought suggests that it is grey.

As you can see, nary a spec of green to be seen in the Stormy pallet area.

What I got was green. Very Green. Forest Green.

The thing is, this is not making my husband go, “Great color honey!” He actually tried to smile and it just came out as a grimace. Now I’m trying to reassure him and tell him that it will look better after it’s blocked and washed (a total lie, I know, but I’m stalling).

The thing is, I know, now, that I will possibly need two more skeins to complete the project, however, since I cannot find any more of this yarn for sale from reputable sellers, I get the feeling that possibly Herschner’s got to sell a bad dye lot and that’s why it was so incredibly cheap. If I order more of the same and get the grey color, I have a feeling I will end up going all Mt. Aetna on Moda Dea and demand money back AND replacement yarn to remake the sweater if I can’t finish it.

At this point, what do you think I should do? Contact Moda Dea and ask them about the obvious incongruity in what is advertised and what I really got? Or should I just suck it up and start over in another yarn and consider this a lesson learned?

It may have been a bad lot, but more likely the very cheap price is due to the fact that Coats & Clark has dropped Moda Dea completely-- the line is out of business. But I don’t understand: is the photo from the yarn you don’t like? I’m not seeing green! (I have used Stormy and yes, it’s all grays and white and black.)

They probably didn’t get a bad dyelot. RH is discontinuing the Moda Dea line, and Herrschner’s got some of the closeouts. Many greens look gray on monitors, it all depends on the lighting when the picture was taken, and on computer settings. You can try ordering more, I don’t see that they have any left in that color though and I can’t even find Sassy Stripes on the other discount yarn sites. There’s ebay and ravelry to try though.

The one thing I forgot to mention is that it is very poorly spun. Which is the main factor in my wanting to start the project all over. I now understand why alot of you folks like to unwind your yarn and rewind the ball.

When I got to the first “anomoly” I figured that I would cut it out and go on, not a biggie. We’ve all gotten a ball of yarn with some weird consistency. But this is throughout the skeins, all of them (yes, I unwound and rewound them all) and I feel I would be a great deal further on this project had I not had to stop and do that. All in all, I’m very disappointed with the yarn, but I have this spark of hope that it will literally all come out in the wash, so I will finish this.

My husband doesn’t really mind the color. He doesn’t realize the yarn will soften considerably once it’s washed. If he really just can’t wear this I’ve promised him a cardigan.

That does sound like a bad lot. I would contact Hershnerr’s, as Moda Dea is no longer in business. But P.S., I, too, can’t see the green in your photo!

It’s funny, it’s green, very green, but I can’t seem to get the lighting right to show it, it looks grey. That’s why I was wondering if anyone else had used this particular color since all the pictures on line look grey as well.

I decided to use the yarn I have as a practice run on this sweater. If it turns out well, then he can wear it if he wants, if not, it can go in the Adopt Texas box and I won’t care either way. I’m going down to JoAnn’s and picking up the yarn I saw yesterday that will be perfect for the same sweater and in a solid grey color that I originally wanted.

Things tend to work out despite our best efforts to screw them up. :rofl: