Not happy with it

So I cast on my stitches using the long tail cast on…no problems just need to work on keeping it looser.

I’m knitting a hat in the Mendocino Heel Stitch

And because of my left handed confusion, I got the ribbing backwards…the knitted side faces the head and the purl side faces out. And THEN somehow I have great trouble keep track of simple things in knitting. This is basically an easy stitch…however it is not showing the ribbing as it is supposed to and that is because I’ve not been consistent in the Knit one, slip one order and things got confused…What it looks like is merely a stockingette stitch. So I’ve done maybe four inches of it. Do I finish it as is? Or do I rip it out and call it a loss. Or do I rip it out and start over? I’m thinking that that last option is probably what I’ll do. As it is now, I will never be happy with it. Any thoughts? :knitting:

Narrow ribbing (1x1, etc) can look like stockinette till it’s stretched out. If you’re doing the stitch correctly that may be what the problem is. Look at this one as it’s laid flat. However, left handed knitters sometimes have to alter pattern stitches to make things come out correctly. I don’t know if that is a problem in this case. All the left handers I know knit right handed method.

The inside out problem was addressed in your other post.

If the knitted side faces the head, couldn’t you wear it inside out?
Or does the pattern style make it so that is impossible.

If I were you, I would rip it out and start over because if you aren’t happy with it and will never wear it, what’s the point in making it?

Yes, Small, you are right. It will always look flawed to me. I don’t know what it is …I just can’t seem to concentrate even on a stupid two row pattern. I kept losing my place and not alternating the stitches as I should…So the ribbing is all broken up and I think that is the biggest part of the problem.

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