Not happy with finish work

Just finished my first top down cardigan and am not happy with the back side of the neck and front bands. Not going to rip it out, but am starting a different top down sweater so will need to do the same type of thing again. Any tips/videos out there as to the best way to pick up stitches on the edges so the inside looks nice and neat?

The inside is never going to look as nice as the outside. There may be some way to make the inside look neater, but I’ve never seen that as a priority. :think:

When you decrease on the edges, there is going to be some unevenness, and that is hidden by the picking up of stitches on the right side. I don’t know that there’s a way around it.

What pattern was the one you don’t like?

I think the trick to making the inside around the neck look neater (and I agree with Ingrid, this is not a big priority with me) is to make the decreases up the sides of the neck look neater. You can do this by slipping the first st without working it, working the second st and then lifting the first st over the second when you decrease. It comes at a price however, the curved edge you pick up along has some spaces that you need to work around as you pick up sts. The benefit is that the chained edge looks neater from the inside.
If you don’t like the look of the buttonbands, slipping the edge st at the beginning of the row creates a chained edge that looks nice from the inside after you pick up sts.

Knitting pure and simple Neckdown cardigan for women.
I guess the other question I have is do you pick up both loops of the stitch when picking up the stitches for the bands like you do in crochet?

Yes, if it’s right on the edge.

Thanks, I haven’t done that much knititng and am still learning some of the basics. Crocheted for many years and though did a little knitting years ago stuck primarily with crochet. Now I’m hooked on knitting and as my husband will attest I’m acquiring quite a yarn habit. My stash keeps growing!!

My stash keeps growing!!

Yes, you are an addict. :teehee: