Not good at math

Hi , I just need help figuring this out because I’m not mathematical but I need to so I can cast on the right number of stitches

The first step is to measure your shoulder-span. Mine is about 17 inches. Then you add 4 inches for each sleeve (8 inches) and add that to your shoulder measurement. I got 25 inches from that, so 25 inches will be the width of my bolero. My ribbing gauge is 4 stitches per inch, so I multiply 25 by 4 to get 100. I take that number, 100, and round it down to the next number that is a multiple of 4 +2. The next number down is 98, and that will be my cast-on number.

Those are the instruction- my measurements are 22 so+ sleeves would be 30 (30x4=120) multiple of 4 +2 is where I get confused how many should I cast on?

Ok, I’ll see if I can explain it to you.

I assume that the 17 inch shoulder span is the example given in the pattern on how to work out the number of cast on stitches and the 22 inch shoulder span is your measurment.

If so, then you are correct in your working out that you need 30 inches in total for the 2 sleeves and the back of the bolero and that 30 inches at 4 stitches per inch is 120 stitches. As you need to round down to a multiple of 4 + 2 and 120 is exactly divisible by 4 then you can either subtract 4 from 120 to keep a multiple of 4 and add 2 to get the +2 or just subtract 2 to get your cast on number


120 - 4 = 116 + 2 = 118


120 - 2 = 118

Thanks Julie - that was super helpful!