Not getting it?

Hi, I’m trying to knit a very basic sweater for my granddaughter but don’t know what this means: Decrease 1 st at raglan edge, as before, on next and every alternate row, at same time, decrease 1 st at front edge on following 6th rows [B]from previous decrease [/B]to 4 sts on needle.

It’s the “from previous decrease” that I really don’t understand. Any help would be appreciated.


did you do any decreases on the row before or any rows before. I think they are counting from that row.

Someone may be able to offer more help if you can post a link to the pattern, or tell us what book/magazine it’s in.

What I’m getting from it is that you need to decrease, by one stitch on the front row, every 6th row from your raglan edge decrease. Which, would be making decreases at the raglan edge, and front row edge. It sounds like what you’ll be doing is decreasing every other raglan edge, and once you hit your 6th row from your raglan decrease, you’ll be making another decrease at the front edge.

I’m not 100% sure if I’m getting that right though…lol