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Sorry for the less-than-delicate subject matter, but…

Woo- think I’m about to order a Lunapad starting kit - does anyone have any experience of these? I kept seeing Divacup threads on here, but have always hated there being anything actually inside - so I haven’t been able to use tampons or anything like that. It was never really a matter of being able to feel it or not, just the awareness of it.

So I’ve been going back and forth over divacups for ages, but finally decided to try it out. As a non-US resident, I had to go to Lunapads to purchase and found Lunapads! Woo! They’re much more suitable for me, in a lot of ways, and for some reason I’m really excited about the idea. I’ve always hated the idea of how much waste goes into a period, and am really happy that I have a viable alternative that I can be comfortable with. But before I take the plunge and order, I was wondering if anyone had any experiences to share - good or bad, and any tips :slight_smile:

Thanks all, hope you’re all well,
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If you do a search, there was a big discussion about them not too long ago.

Okie, I think I’m being dumb, but the only threads I could find had to do with divacups and not lunapads. Sorry for repeating stuff,though.

I haven’t heard of these before–can you post a link? I love, love, LOVE my Divacup and have even converted a few of my friends, but I’m always interested in new environmentally-responsible options. I know a lot of people have issues with putting something… “inside,” for lack of a more delicate term, and I’d like to be able to give them options. I haven’t used anything other than my cup since I got it and it’s been AWESOME!

Sure :slight_smile: The link is http://www.lunapads.com/

Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried that particular brand of pads, but I do have several cloth pads I got for post-partum. I like them a LOT more than I do disposables, much more comfortable, but they’re still rather bulky. I much prefer my Mooncup.

I don’t know about lunapads, but I have some cloth pads I made when I was cloth diapering my son, and I LOVE them. They are so much more comfortable to me. I don’t find they need to be very thick to be effective. I read somewhere that the chemicals in pads draw blood out of you because they are made to draw moisture into the pad, which can cause more intense cramping and heavier bleeding. I have found my flow is a lot lighter, and I went from debilitating cramps to mildly uncomfortable. There is a little bit of a yuck factor for me in washing them, but I get over it. Anyway, hope you like them.

There is a web site called diapersewing.com that has instructions for making your own cloth menstrual pads. It looks pretty easy, but have not had the courage to try it yet.
Also, the book “It’s easy being green” by Crissy Trask has all sorts of interesting web sites in it for all sorts of things.
It never hurts to try it out.