NOT finished but here is the back:


Hey you know I think some magazines give a subscription or something if they use your idea. I think you should send that in for sure, it is a winner and who knows what you could win. Some even give cash prizes.


I’m so new I don’t know any magazines but will do some searches. :slight_smile:


[color=darkblue]LOL, teenager. :slight_smile: OH NO. Maybe even the oldies still get frustrated.

Now if only I was REALLY a teenager…


LOL, I’m still toddling along…I’m almost 16 months old :wink:
love, love the corkboard for blocking, too!!!


You are a VERY old toddler. :slight_smile:
Thanks for liking my cork board idea.


I"m still a newby! Not brave enuff for garments. Congratz on moving on to sweaters :smiley:


LOL, I am NOT very old…LOL :roflhard: :rofling: I am about a 16 mo old knitter…barely toddlin’… :roflhard: :rofling:
Susie, I’m just playin’ around with ya :wink: !! You know that you can no longer call a lady past 40 ‘old’ in any fashion :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: Not that there’s anything wrong with that :wink: OMGosh, I just realized that I will be 47 in Dec…I have the mind of a…I started to type many things as they popped into my ever so twisted imagination, but let’s leave it at…the mind of a youngster…u know, young at heart :wink:


Give it a whirl. The yarn shop that gives lessons gave me a circular needle and a hat pattern after I had knitted for about a half hour. I thought they were nuts BUT I see the method in there madness. It causes you to “HAVE” to ask questions, look things up and really learn quickly.
I’m sure you could do it.
Thanks for the congrats. :slight_smile:


OH yeah, I remember reading that somewhere else where you were just a toddler. :slight_smile:
Wow, 47 in December? I remember that year. My son will be 23 on December 16th. Is yours around then?
I can imagine what your mind is like. LOL.
Enjoy your night,


Mine is Dec 6 and our son will be 28 in Dec; middle daughter was 23 this month and our Baby is 20!!
I must say that I didn’t have my son while in high school! He & middle daughter came with my husband, but are mine any way I look at it…I dearly love all of my babies that seem to have grown up over night!! Our middle daughter has our Allysa (she is 2 now, Amy needs to send us some more photos!!!..but I’m afraid kids don’t always listen…lol!) Seems as though yesterday our baby, Shannon, was the size of Allysa!! Excuse me as I sniff :crying: bc my babies grew up on me tooo quickly :wink:


Your Very Welcome.
I have the brother PE200 (I think they are similar models) Mine was the limited edition that came preloaded with a ton of snoopy cartoon patterns.
Its a yahoo group called Embroidery Help. You can email me privately at and I can send you a link to it.
Iam located an hour from Michigan Boarder (either the bluewater bridge going to Port Huron or the Windsor one connecting to Detroit)
Are you near Niagara Falls/Buffalo NY.
If thats the case Iam about 2-3 hours away. Not a bad road trip :slight_smile:


so cute! Love the colors :slight_smile:


Well, just in case I miss it have a VERY Happy Birthday.
Your 20 year old baby is adorable and so is your grandbaby. Grandchildren are the MOST awesome thing in this world.


I’ve heard good things about the Brother machines.
I just sent you an email. :slight_smile:
I am located five hours north of Buffalo. When I said I lived north I really meant it. :roflhard:
Hope your Tuesday is a good one.
Susie who has knit class today. :cheering:



[color=darkblue]Thanks a bunch. :slight_smile:


Lies, lies ALL LIES! Rebecca knows that she’s 96!


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:


Yeah, Denise let the cat out of the bag… :roflhard: :rofling: I do believe I told Denise that I was 92…don’t add anymore years on, deary…I still have people believing I’m in my 40’s :wink:
:rofling: :roflhard: :rofling: That girl aint’ right, ya’ll know that, right :roflhard: :rofling:


Close enough!!! That’s what you GET for trying to trick me during chat, Miss Thang. Revenge is sweet, my love!


Don’t ya just love it, tho…sucka…I mean knitsta!!! She did believe I was 96 or 92 or whatever I said for a split second :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: