NOT finished but here is the back:

[color=darkblue]Hi everyone,
Here is the back of the sweater I’m making for Drew (3 yr old GS)!
I just got it done. Whew!
Today make four weeks that I have been knitting!
Thanks to everyone who has helped me out. :slight_smile:
Enjoying it a lot,

Looking good!!! :thumbsup:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

:thumbsup: very nice!

:happydance: :happydance: VERY NICE :wink:

very nice. i like the colors! :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:
I will probably start the front at class Tuesday. I broke the smaller knitting needle the other day that I have to use to start. She is suppose to replace it.

Dude, that is a totally awesome way to block things on the corkboard like that! WTG! :thumbsup:

AWESOME work! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I think now that you’ve successfully begun a garmend, you aren’t a newbie anymore. :slight_smile:

I had to figure out a way to take the photo with the sweater back UNCURLED and that was the only way I could think of.
Thanks and glad you liked it,

I feel very much a newbie still. When I look at a pattern it is still almost all Greek, but I understand what you are saying and thanks for the compliment. Maybe after a year or so I wont ‘feel’ like a newbie. I’ll be a toddler then. LOL,

Oh, now don’t say THAT!!! [size=2]sniff where’s my blankie?!?[/size]

You’re not a newbie, or a toddler right? Aren’t you an adult knitter? Or at least a ‘teen ager’! :slight_smile:

The sweater back looks great, your tension looks awesome, better then some of mine that I have done, and I have been at it for almost 22 years. lol
I really like the colours, I always thought stripes looked nice on little boys (umm let me re-phrase that little men) my son is correcting me :slight_smile:

I know this is a little off topic susie, I just noticed underneath your name that you are going to be doing machine emb, let me know when you do, I belong to a fantastic beginner group, I have been doing emb for about 6 mths now, so still a newbie.

I guess I’m more of the teenager range, but I do throw temper tantrums when knitty things don’t go my way!

Nice, and the showing on a bulletin board is a great idea. Very cool.

Wow, what a compliment you gave me. :slight_smile: Thanks for liking what I have done.
Yes, for Christmas I’m getting a Janome 300e. I have everything bought that I need “I think” and am ready to go.
What group, and what machine do you have?
How southern are you in Ontario?
I’m a half hour from the Canadian border in north western NY.

[color=darkblue]LOL, teenager. :slight_smile: OH NO. Maybe even the oldies still get frustrated.

:slight_smile: Thanks.
I couldn’t get the durn thing to unroll and I couldn’t hold it down and take the photo at the same time. Thanks for liking my idea. :slight_smile:
I promise NOT to do it with my grandson in it. LOL