Not exactly yarn related...but close

If you have a Hobby Lobby near you, go check them out if you want a gorgeous trunk to store your yarn in. They are all marked down 2/3’s. I got a 100.00 drunk for 30 some dollars. It is BEAUTIFUL, and holds all of my yarn with some space left to get more. :slight_smile:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Oh PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE don’t change that typo!! i got a wicker trunk from them last year that i love. :rollseyes: it is full of teddy bears stickin’ up outta it right now!

HeeHee…that would be a Trunk. (I shouldn’t be typing and trying to yell at the kids to quit jumping on the couch. hhhmm…maybe I need a drink?)

good idea! I was trying to think of a nice looking place to store my stash, instead of plastic bags all over the place. :wink: Now just need to find space for a trunk…

OMG, I love that typo too!!!

I always say that some of my typos would be great names for a band.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I think you got taken. :roflhard:

As to the trunk, I wish I lived near that store! :shock:

wow you don’t even have a Hobby Lobby near you? No LYS no Hobby Lobby? i think you need to move!! :wink:

i have a friend who says that about her typos too and the one she did the other day WOULD have made a good band…don’t remember what it was but it was great…and it was the name of a band whose music i prolly wouldn’t have listened to!

wow you don’t even have a Hobby Lobby near you? No LYS no Hobby Lobby? i think you need to move!!

That’s what my dh keeps saying, and he doesn’t even knit! :mrgreen:

We live in a town of about 25,000. Wal-Mart is the only source of crafting supplies, if you can call it that. :mad: I have never even been inside a yarn shop. :verysad: I intend to remedy that with my next trip to the big city (Dallas), though! :cheering:

:shock: gasp friends don’t let friends shop at walmart! Want me to come down and help you pack? :wink:

LOL! :rofling:

Dh and I are hitting the road this fall with our travel trailer, to hunt for new stomping grounds. We’re going to visit CO, and MN. Dh has lived in CO before, and loves the mountains, as do I. Real estate in more desirable areas is really out of our price range, though. :doh:

MN, though known for their fierce winters, is a strong contender for us. We both like cold weather, and abhor heat and humidity. Where we are now is known for it’s heat and humidity. :frowning: I have a good friend in Duluth, who LOVES it there.

sigh no hobby lobby near me either, but then in Idaho, not too much IS near me. hehe, that’s alright, if necessary, can always shop online. :smiley:

I so wish I had a hobby lobby near me! I’ve been looking for a nice trunk to store yarn in!

Oh, and Rennagayle, if you abhor heat and humidity, you’ll hate MN summers! It’s only temporary though. I love it here–we have all four seasons!

oooooooooooh you are in MN. i was just thinking a while ago that since i am not going to make my chicago trip this fall like i was thinking that maybe i would go up to the MofA. is there a good LYS up there somewhere to visit whilst i am there?

I never heard of Hobby Lobby before this site, so obviously we don’t have any around here. But I imagine I could get a drunk for cheap. I don’t know if I’d want him/her to hold my yarn, though.

okay you people need to be made aware of the LOL rule. The rule is that you are NOT allowed to make me LOL while i am at the office cuz it makes people look at me funny! THAT broke the LOL rule!!

one group i belong to has a thread of all the things that we read that just crack us up and that would have definitely made the thread. admittedly most of the stuff is something that was such a bad typo we can’t decipher it OR something that someone took dirty but y’all have to be aware that you people have made the thread on occasion!

names have been changed or deleted to protect the not so innocent though! :wink: :thumbsup:


Yarnpiggy (love that user name! :rofling: )

Oh, and Rennagayle, if you abhor heat and humidity, you’ll hate MN summers! It’s only temporary though. I love it here–we have all four seasons!

A good friend of mine lives in Duluth, which she says is called the air-conditioned city. We are looking at that possible area, or even a little north of there. She does get about a week or two of 90 degree temps each summer, but with nowhere near the humidity we have where I live. We run around a hundred in the summer with high humidity. Ugh. :oops:

Once, I almost mailed a group of thank you letters that thanked our donors for touching the LIVERS of our residents with their thoughtful gift!


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I live about 5 miles from the MOA, and the closest yarn shop to the mall is probably Three Kittens, which is on Sibley Memorial Highway…I’ve heard that it isn’t that great and is kinda cramped. There’s one about 20 minutes northwest of MOA in Maple Grove called The Yarn Cafe, and it’s my favorite by far–it’s totally awesome. Not only do they have a really great selection of yarns, but it’s also a little cafe where you can get sandwiches, salads, coffee, beer, wine, etc. It’s very cool and the staff is awesome. There’s also one in St. Paul off of University on Hamline that’s called Borealis Yarns. I had my first visit there on Monday, and it was a nice shop. Good selection, nice staff, and they have a punch-card program.

I’ve heard that Depth of Field and Needleworks Unlimited, both in Minneapolis, are both great. They’re the next ones I plan on visiting once my funds are replenished. :lol:

This is going back to the original idea in this thread, but I was just in Hobby Lobby and those trunks ARE very cool. Geez, I tick myself off sometimes…I just though I could’ve taken a pic with my camera phone. Anyway, I can’t believe how big a trunk you can get for $35 now that they are on clearance. Definitely good stash control/hide-age