Not exactly a "how to"

More like a “Huh?” :roflhard:

Er. As a very newbie knitter, but also very obsessed one, I find myself spending a lot of time at Ebay when the needles are down looking for cheap yarn and the like. One thing I keep coming across are “stitch markers” and I’m wondering… what are they? What are they for?

I get the how… slide them on the needle. But where? And why?

well for example, when you are knitting in the round you SHOULD (yeah i don’t always) mark the beginning of the round so that you know where …well… the beginning is. also a lot of patterns will have you place a marker in a spot where you will either need to increase or decrease each row. things like that. a piece of scrap yarn accomplishes the same thing…just not as pretty! :wink:

:thinking: So… say we’re on the left needle. Does the marker go to the right or left of the stitch I’m marking? Or would a pattern specify? If I were knitting in the round, to mark the beginning, would I place a marker before or after I cast on?

when i knit in the round i place the marker in between the first and last stitch before i join.

any other time it will generally say “PM” which means “place marker” wherever you are suppose to put it.

sometimes people will use them to mark pattern repeats too so they can keep track of where they are in the pattern.

or say you are casting on 300 stitches, some will put one every 25-50 cast on stitches to make counting the stitches easier.

lots of good uses for markers…which is why using scrap yarn is so convenient…always around when you need it AND you never lose scrap yarn, markers go missing all the time…lol

Get stitch markers! You will find many different ways to use them, and you will love them. Get many colors of stitch markers; you may want to always use a given color for a particular reason (ie., “blue” to mark beginning, “green” for pattern repeats, “purple” for border stitches, etc.).

Stitch markers are really little angel haloes sent down from heaven to make our knitting easier and our lives less stressful!

They don’t go ON the stitch at all. They go on the needle and you slip it to the other needle when you come to it.

I always liken stitch markers to book marks. They go between the stitches on your needle just to tell you where you are.

I guess my wording wasn’t too clear, but I got that much. I just wasn’t understanding which side of the stitch they should be when sitting on the needle.

But I think I get it now… it works however I need it to work, as in what makes the most sense to me. :thumbsup:

I use pretty beaded makers. They are a pleasure to use in my knitting and make it “fun”. :XX: :XX:

Sometimes I use stitch markers, other times I just use safety pins. I’ll put a pin on the fabric to mark the beginning of a round, especially when I’m working on dpns. I use stitch markers to show sections, especially when I need to change stitch types (I’m too nervous to try lace knitting so far). I rarely use scrap yarn, because it tends to get in my way.

they’ll tell you where to put the markers…

k1,PM(place marker), K2
then they’ll have something like…knit to 2 stitches before the marker, and then do what they say to do, generally an increase or decrease.

if it is for knitting in the round, I like it just after the last stitch in the round, that way, I know that the new row is coming up next. :slight_smile: