Not exactly a how to but still a question

Yes I know there’s a million threads on options, but if anything that’d mean they are worth discussing! Well I have finally letten my SO talk me in to letting him buy me some options.:woohoo::woot::inlove::cheering:

So this is my question: Since I will only get a few tips and a few cable lenghts I would love to know what sizes you all would recommend! And also which size is the most common with more delicate lace knitting (I’m trying to justify getting a pair of harmony tips:teehee:)?

I’ve been staring at the options for months now and yesterday I somehow mentioned them to my SO when I was talking on my adventures with 16" inflexible cable magic loop knitting. And he simply asked “which do you need?” and I honestly hadn’t had a thought of asking him to get them for me, well he is a spoiler and has an irrational reasoning of his wallet being mine but that spending out of my wallet doesn’t fall under the same principle… well it’s difficult to say I mind, just I amn’t used to getting things if it isn’t my birth day or christmas… well enough bragging about my wonderful SO (and believe me I could brag about his perfection for days if someone would give me the time), please answer my questions… I know all projects call for diff needles, but there must be more or less frequent sizes.

Depends on what you knit? Socks,sweaters ect?Let ue know