Not exactly a how-to but I NEED HELP!

so. i came across this yarn at a tiny yarn store a couple of years ago and fell in love with it and bought a skein, having no idea what i would use it for and silly me for thinking one skein would be enough (for what? who knows!). now, years later, i start knitting a striped scarf with it because a friend of mine gifted me this lovely pink yarn that looks perfect with it.

ANYWAY, i don’t have enough of this yarn to finish the scarf and i’ve been searching the internet for at least 2 months now for some sort of replacement, but to no avail. here’s hoping someone here can help me.

obviously a aqua/turquoise/peacock blue yarn, but the part thats giving me trouble is the part thats hard to see in this pic; its got some purple wisps in in, giving it a heathered look. i lost the label for it a long time ago, i remember it was brown cardstock with sheep on it and i do know this is wool.

if anyone can help me, you have my undying gratitude.

Your picture didn’t show up so I’m not sure what it looked like. Can you give us the brand and name of the yarn so we can look for it?

One thing you can do when you don’t have enough yarn is to combine it with a contrasting yarn. Use the single skein for stripes or a border.

sorry, guess i should’ve stated that i didn’t know the brand or the name, thats why i’m having trouble. i already used up what i had because i was hoping it would be enough and i wasn’t expecting to have this much trouble to find more. here’s an outside link to the pic, idk why you can’t see it, it’s showing up fine for me :confused:

The photo didn’t show because it’s way to large physically and file size to post in the forum. There’s info at the link in my sig to acceptable file sizes.

So it’s the turquoise yarn? There are so many yarns available it’s hard to come up with name for a current yarn much less one that is discontinued as this one might be by now. :think:

It’s very pretty, but I think you’re either going to have to use another yarn or rip this one out and make it much narrower. You could also just put a button hole in it and use it as a neck warmer/cowl or short scarf.