Not entirely OT: Painting, scraping, and dust

So, I have this awesome, around 200-250 sq ft greenhouse on the back of this house we rent in MT. We’ll be renting it for a LONG time, which is fine with me, but this greenhouse is calling to out to be turned into a dye studio/yarn shop.

I got a glass scraper, and a wood paint scraper, and am working on scraping when I get extra time. The BIG problem I am having is all the dust in there…how do I get it out? There is an exhaust fan in there, but I am just not having a whole lot of luck.

Also, I want to paint the entire inside white (except the floor), so how do I do that? What kind of paint, and do I use a roller or brush?

I’ll attach some pics, so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear it. That Lendrum DT will be mine soon, so I will be able to strap the fast flyer onto that bad boy and really get to producing some great handspuns, and I want my shop to be ready to accomodate!

lots of mopping/vaccuming for dust :shrug: …for the paint, i would go for that garage floor paint-durable and easy to clean. good luck! i do envy you…one day i will have a space for creating… :yay:

I would try using damp paper towels or dish cloths for some of the dust. That way, it doesn’t just fly back up into the air and re-deposit itself somewhere else to be dusted yet again!