Not enough yarn...what do i do?!

so i’m about halfway done with my rusted root, and i only have 2 skeins of knit picks mainline left! :gah: i’m HOPING that it will be enough to finish the body, and then go back and finish the neckline and the sleeves. i ordered this yarn back in march, so i don’t think i’ll be able to get the same dye lot. i’m ready to cry!:waah:
what do i do?!

Short sleeve or cap sleeves…?

Can you make the body any shorter? Maybe make it a tank? Maybe someone who has made this before will have a better suggestion, but that’s what I would do.
Running out of yarn - especially when the finish line is in site - really sucks.

It IS possible that there wouldn’t be too much difference in dye lot, especially if you do the neck and sleeves with it rather than switching mid body.

raglan cap sleeves. so all i need to do is finish the small amount of ribbing on the sleeves and the neckline. but i have about 5 inches of body to do still…i usually make my body sections longer then most sweater patterns call for because i have a longer torso and like the extra length…:help:

You could also consider doing the neckline and the waist ribbing/sleeve ribbing in a contrasting color -?

If you have enough to finish the body I would seriously consider a contrast on sleeves and / or neckline.

Same here. I think you should use a contrasting color for the ribbing. That way the body of it will be long enough. There’s nothing worse than a too short sweater. :noway:
Let us know what you decide and post some pics! Thanks. :happydance:

Try contacting the company you ordered from, you may be surprised. I bought some yarn “on close out” and 6 months later was still able to get more and match the dye lot. It would be worth a try anyway! Good luck!!