Not enough to bind off

I don’t have enough yarn to bind off fully, but I’m about halfway through. What do I do? Can this even be fixed?

I thought I left enough. Dang it. I’m making the squares afghan if that makes a difference.
Scroll down just a hair on this page and there is a tutorial on ‘crochet bind off’, which takes NO yarn.

You could also undo the BO you have done, take out the last row and start the BO from there.

That crochet hook bind off thing?! I can’t believe in 40+ years of knitting I’ve never heard of it before! And WHAT a life-saver! Thank you, thank you, thank you:muah: !!!

I figured it out myself a long time ago; I noticed that the BO looks like a chain st and the it’s similar to crochet. I found that I definitely need to knit the last row on a larger needle when I use the crochet hook, or the BO will be too tight. It’s good when you have about 300 sts to BO on a shawl.

:noway: Now why didn’t I think of that! Thanks for the link!

I’ve noticed that the BO looks like crochet, and if I’d thought of it, maybe I could have figured this out too. But it never occured to me. That could be a useful arrow in my quiver. Thanks for sharing that one.