Not enough stitches!

Hi there,

I am knitting a square for a blanket and was supposed to cast on 27 stitches. In half way through the square and realise that I was supposed to cast on 27 stitches. Is there any way that I can add the extra stitch without undoing the whole thing?

Thanks, any response is appreciated


You said 27 stitches twice. How many are you actually supposed to have? You can increase a stitch at any time. Take a look at these videos If it’s only 1 stitch, it probably won’t mess up the squareness of your square.

Of course, if you’re following a pattern it may be a little off already. Is there a pattern you are using? Can you link to it?

I’m supposed to have 27 and I’ve done 26 sorry. It’s a pattern out I a magazine. I’m really new to knitting

Welcome. There are a lot of helpful people here. Most with better advice than mine :wink:

Try using one of the increases in the videos in the link above. Without seeing it it’s hard to say where you should add the stitch. It’s also possible that you had the right amount when you started and dropped one somewhere along the way. See if there’s a good spot in your pattern to add a stitch.

So I cast on 26 and then knitted 17 rows. They were all supposed to have 27 stitches. Does that explain it better

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If the pattern stitch that you using for the square looks good to you with 26 stitches, then just continue as you have been doing. As Lizars said, it probably won’t affect the square-ness of the piece and if it does, you might consider leaving out the last row.

I know one person – maybe two – who could probably add a stitch in each of 17 knitted rows. But I can’t imagine that either of them [I]would[/I], and I’d have [I]no[/I] idea how they did it anyway. Even if I sat and watched them do it.

I’m gonna vote with the majority and say it probably isn’t going to make a difference, especially if this is one piece of a larger whole. But even if it did, frogging 17 rows and starting over isn’t anyone’s idea of fun and merriment, but it’s also not the worst thing that could happen.