Not enough information in pattern

There is a belt pattern from Knitty Gritty that I want to try and I have two problems.

  1. They don’t tell you how many skeins (balls, whatever) that you need of each yarn.

  2. There is no gauge

Both of the yarns are discontinued so I looked up the information for them as far as their gauge, fiber content and yardage.

Should I just assume that as long as I have the same yardage and gauge in my substitute yarns that I’ll be fine.

Here is the link to the belt,2025,DIY_14141_4231197,00.html

Please help!!


well i was hoping that their needle would match the suggested needle size for the yarn, but it doesn’t…by a lot. i would be inclined to assume it is one ball of each since they weren’t more specific but i would suggest emailing the author that is listed at the bottom of the pattern. i would bet she would tell you…worth a try anyway.

or you could do what i would do and just wing it! :wink: :thumbsup:

I still had this episode on TiVO, so I just checked it - it calls for one hank each of the Interlude and Playful Weekend. I think there’s no gauge since it’s a belt - I suppose if you wanted it wider just do some more increases when you make the V border and if you wanted it longer just knit more than the 42" stated. Just keep track of your add’l increases, since you have to decrease likewise on the opposite end.