Not clear on directions

I am new at this and have a direction question.
When the pattern says to *(K17, p1, k1, p1), repeat from * 3 times, p17. Does it mean to include the first one and repeat 2 more times or to repeat 3 more times!!!

Normally - as qouted - you would be knitting the sequence 4 times, the first time plus three repeats.

if it said (K17, p1, k1, p1)x3 then I would expect only a total of three repeats ;

but written as *(K17, p1, k1, p1),repeat from * three times: I would expect a total of 4 repeats.

You would repeat the part in the () 3 times AFTER that initial one. Hope that helps!

Happy Knitting and Happy New Year!

thank you