Not been here for ages

But I’d love some more people to talk yarn and fluff and spinning wheels with! Here’s my 2nd ever spindle spun yarn.

The fluff and the yarn

My third yarn which was a little freebie bat I got with a spindle

Made it into a butterfly

This is my wheel Bobby, he’s a Columbine. I got him on Saturday

Here’s what is on his bobbin

I’m really looking for a place I just can share photos back and forth with other spinners. Anyone wanna do that with me? Also I’m a n00b so I’d love to pick brains :wink:

Nice yarns!

It looks like your wheel can handle really big art yarns as well as the finer yarns.

I’ve been busy knitting & crocheting this past month. I was finally able to get back on the wheel for a little bit Monday. I have some Merino that needs to get spun & plyed to finish a shawl I started about 2 months ago.

I’m really enjoying my wheel. It’s my first time spinning on one so it’s a real joy to get such a smooth operating one :slight_smile:

I still love my spindles though :wink:


Thanks for sharing your photos and I love the butterfly!

I am a total newbe when it comes to spinning and have just bought an Ashford Traditional Wheel.

I bought a Jacob’s fleece which I has now been washed and I have started carding it. I also had some free fibre, but my first efforts are mmmm - well, I’ll leave that one for your imagination! :teehee:
I am already adicted to “Sally” - well they say that practice makes perfect!