Not as easy as I thought - what's wrong?

I’m new to knitting and typically am impatient. I made myself spend weeks doing sample swatches in wool. Now I’m trying to knit a dishcloth in Peaches and Cream and feel like a moron! Why am I dropping so many stitches in a *k1, p1, repeat from * and k last stitch? All of a sudden there is more than an inch of yarn just stretched out between my needles!
I thought this would be the easiest thing to do!
I’m open to all advice on how to overcome this! :?? :?? :??

Are you bringing your yarn back and forth properly between the needles when you switch from knit to purl? Maybe you’re accidentally doing a yarn over, or aren’t pulling the purl stitch all the way off? I do that a lot, and just slip off the extra when I come back to the stitch.

Cotton is simply not as springy as wool. (Actually, I would say it’s not springy at all!) Some people don’t have a problem knitting with it, but in my (very limited) experience, I’ve found it pretty unforgiving and hard on the hands. I’ve been meaning to try a cotton blend with wool or lycra, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. It might be something for you to consider, though.

Cotton IS harder to work with, no doubt. Are you adding stitches as you work? That would mean you’re doing the accidental yo’s as Becca said.

Try to keep the tips of the needles and the stitches a close together as you can when you knit them. This will help to prevent them from spreading out like that.