Not all gifts are appreciated


Oh man, I can TOTALLY relate to that!!! There was one thing this year that seriously, nothing would have been a better gift…lol

Now you tell me…:aww:

My cat actually got a gift from my bf’s family for Christmas.Creeped us both the hell out,lol! I mean…he’s a cat.Then again they tend to sign their dog’s name on Christmas cards and stuff like that so this is toning it down >_>

My bf wanted nothing to do with it but I decided to give it a shot and tie it up to a door knob.He batted at it twice then went right back to his Safeway paper bag for another half hour of fun.

I don’t think giving a pet a gift is creepy. :??:shrug: It’s just for fun especially if you don’t have children.

and his hamster. He said “They’re part of the family, too!”:hug:
So the dog got fancy chew bones & the hamster got a new roll around toy. He’s 7 & spent his own money so what’s not to love about that?:heart:
(((HUGS))) & Happy New Year coming soon, Verna

Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties

My greatest fear is seeing something I’ve done at one of these.

That’s funny (and cute)!

My daughter (12) INSISTED we buy our toy poodle one of those Snuggies (for dogs) for Christmas. (Link in case you haven’t seen them: I told my daughter that our dog has never been dressed in anything before and probably wouldn’t like it, but she really wanted to give the dog a Snuggie for Christmas.

So I bought it, and my daughter put it on the dog Christmas morning. Our dog HATED it and actually bucked like a horse trying to get that thing off her! $14 wasted!

Oh, and we buy gifts and wrap them for our dog every year. Besides her Snuggie, the dog got Greenies and a toy. Even the chinchilla got a gift this year. He got some of those lava chews and a wooden stick to chew on. He was very pleased! :wink:

I love the picture of the cat! I love the cat beside the elephant! I get our beloved pets kitty crack, in other words, catnip. They love it and we have fun watching them roll around,lol. I don’t get toys with strings, yarn because they are really bad for them especially if they chew on the strings or yarn. I had a cat do that once and he cost me a very expensive trip to the vet and never again!!! Manufacturers make them and I keep my money and don’t but them!

HEHE -that picture’s pretty funny ! My dog will NOT let me dress her in anything (not even reindog ears) so I’ll never knit her anything…she did however make out like a bandit for Christmas. She even found a pork skin roll in cellephane, in a bag, under tissue paper, under the tree and helped herself to it while we weren’t home !! (It was from someone else and I didn’t even think to look in the bag before I put it under the tree)

we get our kitties a stocking every year and they get theirs first… also known as “get the kitties high on catnip sot hey leave the other gifts alone”

they even have their own stocking, red fleece with white kitty paw prints all over it