Not actual knitting, but knitting related

Stitch markers and a keychain inspired by the keychain my secret yarn swap pal sent me! These went to a RAOK swap I did with another knitting-related blog.

Those are really pretty! :inlove:

Those are lovely! I never thought I’d use ‘fancy’ stitch markers, but I really love using mine. They don’t pop off the way the plastic ones do.

very cute–I don’t think of myself as a fancy stitch marker sort of person either but those are quite nice!

Very pretty!

Those are great! I recieved my first set of pretty stitch markers as a RAOK gift and I just love them!

All of them are pretty!

Hm, I might have to make myself some of those. :thinking:

Very pretty!

Those are awesome! Great job!

Beautiful!! :inlove: