Not a ton of apples but plenty

Earlier in the summer I decided to start spraying my trees. (Too lazy to find the thread.)

I’m actually getting apples for the first time in many years.
I started spraying late so some are eaten by bugs but at least they’re not so bad that I can’t work around it like they’ve been.

I’ve had 4 quarts of sauce so far, 2 pies worth of McIntosh put up, 15lbs of Cortland sitting on my counter waiting for time to put them up and I’d be amazed if my semi-dwarf doesn’t produce over a bushel of apples in good enough shape to store as apples (it’s a “winter apple” that needs about a month after picking to reach peak flavor).

I can’t wait until next year (or in about 5 years when the 4 new trees I have planned start producing). I’ll be giving apples away like they were zucchini.

Wish we could grow apples here. I miss the apples from Tennessee this year, I won’t be up there during season. Congrats on your crop!

Congratulations on your great crop.

I can’t wait for the New York State apples to arrive – any day now. Especially the Macouns, which you can only get in NYC for a couple of weeks. Small, crisp, juicy, mmmm.

Nothing better than homegrown apples.:mmm:
And apple pies.
And applesauce.
And applebutter.
And apple dumpling.
And - - - -well, you get the picture. :teehee:

You should be able to grow apples in Tampa. I hear good things about Pink Lady in the south.
I wish I could grow Granny Smith up here.

If you can’t grow them buying fresh local is the next best option. I was going to go to U-pick with my sister and niece this weekend before I figured out how many I would end up with.
I was so sick of never getting any McIntosh I was ready to buy some.

I asked about the amount of apples I should expect once the new trees are grown.
With a potential 40 bushels, I was making a list like yours. I’m going to have to work on getting an apple press to make cider before too long.

They say you can grow Pink Lady as far as zone 9 which I’m in so I might give it a try. I know alot of times stuff just burns up here when they say zone 9 but then again my hydrangea I brought from Tennessee is thriving. Sometimes I just need to tweak the sun amounts they receive. Thanks for the tip!

That’s funny, it was too hot and dry for my hydrangea up here and it had shade and was right outside the front door so it got a lot of “grey water” dumped on it.

Mmmmmm Apple Pie!!! Yay! for the healthy crop!! :cheering:

You’re in Illinois? That IS strange. I’m looking out of my apartment window right now and the building across the street has lacecap hydrangeas growing out of the planted area next to the front entrance. They also have hibiscus and some old magnolias in this very restricted space. (This is in the middle of New York City, officially Zone 6, but the automobile traffic adds some heat; sun about 3 hours a day.) Maybe it’s the gray water? Maybe you need a hardier variety?

We had a huge one when I lived in NJ and it’s pretty much the same climate. (We lived in the woods so it had more shade.)
But the one here was always dying for more water and wilting in the heat.

We have a pear tree…I hear ya!

I am trying to use as many of the pears before the bugs get too many of them…I am making my wedding favours from them…pear jam!

Crycket–pear jam as wedding favors–What a fabulous idea!:thumbsup:

wow what a great crop.

what about apple juice or cider?

ummm, apple and something in a crumble??

if in doubt go onto and type in search box apples that should give you a fair few ideas as well

I think this year I’ll just have enough to make sauce and pies.

Next year I’ll probably start thinking of cider.

Wow hydrangeas and hibiscus:woot: on three hours a day? Awesome (FYI I’m in zone 5 and have a very bountiful crop of pears and peaches this year and I don’t do anything…)

Well, it’s a very fancy building; maybe they have some influence…:woot:

A farmer at the Greenmarket told me that you can grow many fruits without pesticides, but apples are impossible to grow without some form of spraying. Which sounds like what Mike is saying. Congratulations on your pears and peaches – enjoy them.

:hug: :hug: Let’s trade…you enjoy my fruit, I’ll enjoy your view:muah:

Not my idea though really…

My BFF did Strawberry jam for her wedding…so I am kinda ripping her off…

I just thought it would make a nice favour without the additional cost, the pears are free!

Then we cover the top with Halloween/Fall material…and there it is!

I got away without spraying apples for about 5 years.

I think my main problem is that I had one neighbor with a neglected tree that they cut down which sent the bugs looking for a new home. And I have another neighbor with a neglected tree where the bugs will live even with me spraying.
The traps on my semi-dwarf only catch apple maggot flies on the side where that neighbor is.

The apple maggots are the worst. I can cut around codling moth damage but the maggots go everywhere and they keep on coming.

Congrats on your apple crop. I’m starting to get ripe Summer Treat apples finally. Our summer has been kind of slow. The Ultramacs are ready and starting to drop out of the tree so the horses are happy.
I don’t know how I’m so lucky as to not having to spray, but been doing good for about 15 years. Now if I could just get the hang of pruning. I’m not good at it and my older trees are getting out of hand which shrinks the size of the apples.
I love and dread harvest season. It’s great having all the great food but I get tired of all the work to preserve and put up everything.
Where would you get a Pink Lady tree? I’ve only purchased trees from Stark Bros. and they don’t list Pink Lady. That’s my favorite winter eating apple. It doesn’t ever seem to get that storage apple flavor.