Not a knitting question but didn't know where else to post

So a few weeks ago I had a CT scan on my neck since I had a seizure and they wanted to see if my neck was ok. (Get them rarely after head injury.) Well they found nodules on my thyroid. Had an ultrasound done of them and two came back suspicious of cancer. Well had biopsies done and they are benign. (Whew!) But since two are so big they are taking my whole thyroid out. I’m not scared at all, but was just curious…has anyone had theirs out? Does the medication you take the rest of your like work well in lieu of an actual thyroid? Sorry to post this here just curious. Thanks much.

Hi! Have not had it completely removed but have had surgery to have part removed (at age 13. 50 years ago). I have been on thyroid medication since then. The beginning is a little difficult until they find the right dosage needed to reflect the functionality that it does now. I find sometimes the level of syntheroid drops and I become a little tired. I also went in the beginning every 6 weeks or so to check the level, that can be annoying. but once it is stabilized you will not have to go as often. Hope this helps, if you have any other questions that I might be able to answer feel free to contact me.:slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Trisha that’s all I need to know! In good health, Suzanne.

Glad I could help.