Not a happy knitter!

I just went out if freezing weather…Drove for 20 minutes in rush hour traffic to downtown Plainfield which is less than 10 minutes away to go to my LYS “knitter’s therapy night.” I parked a block away and walked in freezing weather to the shop. I had been looking forward to this for days! And…


There on their door was the notice that Knitter’s Therapy is until 9:00PM…It wasn’t even 7:00. Their store hours were also clearly posted on the door…Open until 9:00pm! I had talked to the girl myself about it Monday! :mad:

aw, hug You should live here, its not cold yet at all…But about that store, maybe they closed due to the weather?

No…This is Chicagoland…we aint seen nothin’ yet! Not even any snow and the roads aren’t icy. For a Chicago December it is actually pretty good weather…I just detest any weather under 60. I generally complain loudly about any weather that requires be to put on a coat. (But in defense of my complaining, it is below freezing.)

hmm :thinking: Well, I do feel for you, but I wouldnt jump to conclusions…since it is a locally owned store, maybe a family emergency occured?.. I always see a lot of sides of a situation. :smiley: but in the case that it mightve been an emergency, I hope everyone’s ok.


That really bites!

I think they owe you some free yarn for your trouble!

I would be fuming… that sucks! I’m so sorry!

Wa…spl…ghr…fwla…Oh come ON now!!! Hours clearly posted, really now. And we have a woman who NEEDS some knit therapy here. What is WRONG with y’all!!!

[size=1]Feemy’s attempt at feeling your pain[/size] :rollseyes:

…so this makes me wonder… why to LYS’ have such restrictive hours anyway? I notice a lot I have looked up as “places to go” when I visit somewhere, and they all slam shut at 5 pm. Or have schedules like “Monday 1-3, Tues. closed, Wed. 10-11 on the third month with an R in it…” and so on you get my (snow)drift.
We have two shops here, one is a cafe that also encourages book club meetings and the like so they are open until 10 at least 5 days a week and 5 on Sat’s. But the other one closes at 5 in summer, 3 on Sat.s, but 6 pm in winter and 5 on Sat’s so that is cool! However, since i work until 5:30, and winter being what it is around here…

To be fair, I guess I gotta give 'em the chance to have a life, see their families, eat, sleep, etc…
Then just give me a cot on the back of the store and lock me in! :thumbsup:

Poor Vicky. I’d be cranky if I’d gone out in the cold, through the traffic, followed the posted sign.

I missed my flight at O’Hare two weeks ago coming home from weather delay. At LaGuardia people said it was snowing in Chicago. We got in about two hours late and I missed my flight out to Sacto by 3 WHOLE minutes. So I got a hotel room and stayed over. NYC had been 60 degrees and the ice on the rink at Rockefeller Center had standing water on it. Get to Chicago and at 8pm it is already only 20 degrees. I had NO coat and went out to grab a taxi to my hotel and (never been out to the curb at O’Hare) the signs read “Suburban taxis - pre-arranged rides.” Hmm, where is a taxi stand when a girl with no coat needs it? The snow? On descent, looking out the window, there MIGHT have been a trace of snow – no self-respecting Chicagoan would have even called that ‘snow.’

I made it home the next day. Now – WHY isn’t there a yarn shop at O’Hare?? :slight_smile:

Have fun and knit lots, today, Vicky.

I went in today and the girl told me the owner was out of town and she had made last minute plans and decided no one would come anyways. Not sure that is a great excuse but owell.

I did pick up some fun Trekking for socks.

Wonder if the owner knows about her last minute plans…

My lys has those funky hours, but it is run by a lovely couple and they have no employees. I have the schedule memorized, by now. I get a little panicked during vacation weeks or when they go to a show, but omg I am so grateful to have them in this zero-horse town!

There are some funky hours around here(CT). Especially on Sunday they’re all closed except one that I know of in New Haven. On the other hand, most I know of in RI are open on Sunday.

Thank stinks Vicki!

My closest LYS has the worst hours ever! Saturdays from 12-5. That’s it. I’ve been there once with my 3 yr old daughter. The owner followed us around like she was afraid Olivia would unravel all her skeins. :rollseyes:

I depend on my LYS’s to have consistent hours, b/c both of them are 25-40 minute drives and to get there to find them closed would just enfuriate me! Luckily, I can work around their odd hours - like one of them is closed on Thursdays, which is fine, b/c I can’t go on Thursdays anyway! Just stick to the weekend hours, and I’ll be a lifetime customer :smiley:

Yeah, I’m curious if the owner knew about her last minute plans as well…not a great decision there.

That’s what I love about the internet. They’re always open. Of course that doesn’t help much when you need a knitting therapy session and need to gab with in the flesh knitters.