Not a big enough buttonhole?


I am on a button hole instruction for a baby sweater, and after
i completed that row, it clearly doesn’t seem like there is enough
room to stick a button through the hole the instructions had me
make. Any suggestions with these instructions?

Buttonhole row (wrong side) Rib 2 [rib 2 tog, yo, rib 12] 4 times,
K2tog, yo, p2
Work 2 rows more in rib.
Bind off in rib.

I am assuming that 'work 2 rows more in rib will just be in that pattern exactly (k2, p2, k2, p2, etc).
I’m stumped! Perhaps i should do 2 yo’s at a time rather than 1?

Baby buttons are often very tiny, you could look for some then try them in the holes and see if they’ll fit. But if you want them larger, on the buttonhole row do k2tog, 2YOs, ssk (move it up a couple sts so you still have 2 before the end of the row) and do 2 sts in the YOs on the next row. Work 2 rows in rib means to continue with your rib pattern.

Buttonholes can stretch quite a bit in relatively short order. Better to start out small/snug. You don’t want the hole to be large and sloppy looking after a few wearings. (And needing to reduce the size by sewing up the ends.)