Not 100% sure what I'm doing

Ive been knitting a fairly easy project for my first big knit. It’s an over sized jumper which is far as been pretty straight forward. I’ve come to the shaping of the neck and my next set of instructions at as follows.

Shape neck
Row 1: k45sts, leave on holder, cast off 25 sts, k45 sts

Row 2: k8 sts, p27 sts, k10sts cont on these 45sts working each side separately

When 12 rows are complete leave left side 45 sts on holder and work right side 45sts the same as left side.

So I’ve done row 1 and have the 45 on the stitch holder, now what? Lol what do I do with the sts on the holder?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :hug:

You get back to the stitches on the holder later, they’re for one of the shoulders. You’re going to need another end of yarn to cast off the 25 sts for the neck and work the remaining 45 sts for that shoulder. So work the 45 stitches on the left side of the neck sts, then go back to the other set of sts on the holder and work them the same way.

So do I basically carry on row 2 12 times to complete that side then swap over onto the other side and do the same again? Or am I missing the point? Lol do I then need news yarn for the stitches on the holder? I’m guessing so? Thanks for you reply and help x

The row 2 instructions are specific to that row, you would keep the ongoing stitch pattern from the rows prior to the neck split. Your original yarn is still attached to the sts on the holder, use a new yarn to BO the neck sts and work the other shoulder. You’ll end up with both shoulders on holders after 12 rows, maybe to do a 3 needle BO for the seams instead of sewing them together.

Okay this is going totally over my head, I have a feeling I’ve done it wrong I currently have 45 sts on the holder and the the section I cast off and then the rest of the stitches on a needle… I think I’m over thinking things tbh it’s getting m stressed :frowning: lol

That’s great so far. It all sounds good. Now you want to work on the 45sts that are on the needle and have the working yarn dangling from the end. Turn as you normally would at the end of the row and work row 2: k8 sts, p27 sts, k10sts cont on these 45sts for 12 rows. After that you’ll go back to the sts on the holder, attach a new end of yarn and work those sts for 12 rows.

Yes, you’re doing it right. Just work on the 45 sts on the needle for right now for 12 rows. Leave those sts on a holder, then do the same thing to the first set of 45 sts that are on their holder - work them for 12 rows.