Nostepindes anyone?

Hey hey hey… I want to buy a nostepinde but don’t know if I really need it, or if it’s just as easy to wind up a ball of yarn with your hand the way Amy’s video shows. The notepindes just look so cute and I love wood. Has anyone got one? Do you think it’s easier?

I just found a cedar one for only $15.

What do you think?

Hmmm…well, I don’t know what “notepindes” are. But I wind similarly to the way Amy does. I’ve never been tempted to seek a ball winding gadget. :wink:

I’m not even sure I want to know what a “nostepinde” is…that’s all I need to find…something else that I’ve GOT to own for my “collection”. Basically I’m lazy and use a yarn winder. That way I spend more time knitting :wink:

Here’s what one looks like. (scroll down on page) I think they’re really neat looking but also, they have that nice wood feeling that a big wooden knitting needle has.

I just HAVE TO HAVE ONE all of a sudden.

Well, I asked Amy over in the other forum is she ever uses one or thinks just doing it her way is easy.

Here’s an even nicer picture:

oo ooo ooooooooooo!
S&B Nation has directions for making your own out of a table leg or an M&M tube… p 77! [size=7]:slight_smile:[/size]

Hey Hilde!
I saw those directions in S&B Nation when I was in Barnes & Nobles today! :slight_smile:

That’s funny, what do you do with the table then? :slight_smile:

:rofling: :rofl:


In lurve wooden things I don’t need. There’s a natural wood furniture store here in Portland Oregon that I drool over every time I drive by. :drool:

And all those spinning things makes me wanna learn how to spin :heart:

I am hot to trot on spinning. Yup, I’m going to learn. I’m looking up local spinners in upstate New York because they want too much in the city (I live in both places)
Found a class in Brooklyn but it’s $190 for 10 classes which isn’t bad for 10 classes but I don’t want that many (or have 200 bucks)!

I just rolled up the most unbelievable soft soft mohair that was dyed all these FABULOUS colours like raspberry, lilac, lime, burnt orange, pale yellow…

it must be quite something to spin that yarn, dye it, CREATE IT.

A lady at the yarn shop up here told me to go with a high whorl spinner so I’m looking at all those on line. AND then I go and find a Polish spinning wheel, the big guy that sits on the floor? Made in Poland, like $350. They say those are easier than drop spindles. Ha, right. This little addiction gets expensive very quick.

       yeah, wooden things are so nice....    ciao!